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Top 10 Caravans Of 2020

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For outdoor travels, and on any terrain at that, we’ve collated a shortlist of the best caravans and their reviews this year. Before you and your family hit the road, take a glimpse at what these trailers have to offer. A tip: you can check the price of each one, and through the caravan finance calculator, type in your details just to check what you’ll potentially be paying per month.

The Tracker T4

The Tracker T4 is in its 5th gen and running. Yet it still is among the best hybrids when it comes to pop-top roofed caravans. What’s more, its cabinets and drawers have built-in lifters that are electro-mechanical in nature. Moreover, the T4’s design is about lines and sleekness, it stands out from the rest.

Sunland Phoenix

“Heavy-duty” knows one name and in the world of affordable motorhomes, Sunland is the name of the game. The manufacturer’s largest caravan yet, its unique features are what have been capturing travellers’ attention. From glass solar panels that have surfaces almost impervious to dust and quick-degradation to its component of rainwater capturing, it’s awe-striking indeed.

Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme

It’s in the name, mates. Trakmaster’s Pilbara has composite, solid walls that make heavy weathering elements a joke. Although Trakmaster hasn’t released any innovation in their caravans until Pilbara, as always, they can customize the parts of your trailer such as choosing between a diesel system or a gas system.


If this isn’t your first rodeo (a metaphor), and you have an idea about what kind of layout and amenities to have in this caravan, then contacting Trakmaster to fulfil those plans and have them come to fruition is a good move.

Spinifex Epix

As off-road as off-road gets, Spinifex Epix is the monster truck of caravans. It even looks like one! With about 20 feet to spare, travellers can run around this motorhome without bumping into corners. It prides itself with its propeller plate that acts as a form of barrier so that rocks and other types of debris won’t bounce off the caravan’s body and windows, especially at high speed.

AOR Quantum

Considered an “armoured” caravan in a loose sense of the word, Australia’s Off-Road Quantum has a hardtop, as opposed to loose, pop-tops. Furthermore, all of its features are built to last. All in all, they make this a full-weight caravan that’s heavier than most, but worth its value.

Bruder X

With a full-height of 2420mm, its latest version is its tallest so far. But what separates this model from the rest is how excellently its thermal insulation mechanism works. Going to uber cold destinations? This caravan will still leave you snug and warm.

Zone RV

Zone has got everything electric— electric windows, power seats, blinds, security lights, and more. Even motion sensors for night lights. It’s true that this century is seeing leaps and bounds in technology. And it’s finally hit caravan culture as well.

Rhinoxmax Outback Defender

A compact caravan that didn’t lose its main features with its upgrade this 2020, the Defender is back with insulated body panels and a chassis that covers from end to end. It rear bathroom now has a toilet and shower in the same location. Whereas its external extendable kitchen is shaded with electric roofing.


It’s true that this 20-foot caravan maybe heavy, both in weight and in price. But really, this trailer is gold because every inch is of quality materials. Galvanised and laminated chassis that’s doubly lined, an Enerdrive battery powerhouse, solar panels, etc. It’s meant to stay and stay for a long time.

Jayco Silverline

Jayco has done it, integrating Smart technology with this opulent caravan. Security cameras on all corners, Bluetooth operated awning and controls that can be operated through Amazon’s Alexa. It’s safe to say that it’s the trend of the century.