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Reviews Of Travel Campers And Caravans

As you plan your itinerary for your road trip in different parts of Western Australia, and anywhere beyond its borders, here are some reviews of the best campers and caravans you can choose from, to take you where you want to be.


Before your upcoming road trip, read about why these vehicles are the best, and which ones will suit your needs like a glove.


“The quality… is impressive.” With a brand that rings familiar in any corner of the world, the Frontline Toyota HiAce is a new and improved version of itself. This year, its safety features have been levelled up for travel protection at its best. To add, its diesel has been raised to 6--- 2 notches higher than its original make. This means that your rear-wheel drive will receive a kick of power without unnecessary friction. No extra pulls or added weight.

Campervan – Frontline Toyota HiAce-HappyCamper; Brisbane

“Superb… Undoubtedly better…” The Defender (don’t you just love the ring to it?) will not cower at the forces of nature. Its highly durable material will enable it to traverse on any type of terrain, whether sand, mud, rock, or ice. It has gone through outdoor tests and has outlasted every single one of them. Now, let it defend you as you brave the outdoors. Moreover, its Navigation Pro System will ensure real-time updates in an instant for the best and safest routes to travel on. And although it’s dependent on network connectivity per area, it’s a step up from ordinary navigation systems.

4WD – Land Rover Defender

“Overall… a great van.” When it claimed that it’s the brand’s largest hauler for adventure “toys”, that made all the difference. If you love outdoor sports, here’s the caravan that isn’t only a motorhome. It’s a moving garage for the rest of your outdoor sports equipment. And more! You won’t have to leave your sports gear behind whenever you’re on the road. The Jayco Basestation has a garage that can store not one, but two to three motorbikes. GoKarts, surfboards, and other equipment also can fit in this compartment. Most notably, it has a ramp for easy access in and out. Other than this, it has 2 bunk beds so that you can rest up well during your journey.

Jayco Caravan – Jayco Basestation-Bevo Geraldton

“Fantastic… 10 over 10…” There’s a reason why Jawa Camper Trailers were awarded as 2020’s Trailer Of The Year. Its travel amenities are extravagant in design and make, yet are space-saving. More than its inner ensuite, it has kid-sized bunk beds should you prefer to include them in your package. That’s for you to rest soundly while on wheels. Its suspension has been upgraded to have a higher level of shock-absorption. Bumpy terrain? You can sit in the dining area (that’s a double dinette for you) and sip your coffee without feeling too much of the friction between the trailer’s wheels and the uneven ground.

Camper Trailer – Jawa Camper Trailers-Jase Jobson

“Great camper…” -Vicki Anderson “Awesome car.” -Lanare; QLD The Air Opus utilizes air beam technology which inflates and expands the canopy without complications. Its canopy acts as a full-tent that you can either use as a shade or detach it and let it extend to the ground. You’ll be able to grill a barbie while being shielded from the heat of the sun. It can be towed by a Ford Ranger because it’s quite light. And a Ford Ranger will provide your ride with smooth turns and glides on various types of terrain.

Camper Trailer + 4WD – Air Opus + Ford Ranger

“...exceeded our expectations.” When speaking of maneuverability, the Trakka Trakkaway drives like a regular vehicle. That’s saying something because this motorhome is quite bulky and large. In contrast, its auto transmission in 6-speed is what lets it roll smoothly on any road. Addedly, it’s precisely because of its size that it has complete amenities inside, and is spacious, you won’t feel cramped even if you spend days in this palatial campervan.

Campervan – Trakka Trakkaway-David Hobbs; NSW

Roll out the red carpet for the most upgraded Silverado from Chevrolet. This year, its towing capacity has been increased to be able to accommodate heavier-weighted trailers and similar vehicles through its V8 power engine. On another note, its Duramax 3.0L has a very low fuel consumption. So that’s a win-win!.

4WD – Chevrolet Silverado

“Comfortable… tows great…” For a family-sized caravan, here’s why the Jayco Journey is the choicest among many. As always, Jayco’s impeccable designs are crisp and polished. But what will grab your attention is durability. This caravan’s external aluminium is reinforced, its meant to last even with repeated use under varying weathering elements.

Jayco Caravan – Jayco Journey-Kim K.; NSW

“So light… can be customized…” Regarding camper trailers that are budget-friendly, the Marlin Escape Deluxe tops the list. It literally did, as it’s among this year’s winners for the said category! Despite being lower in cost than most of its kind, it’s convenient to set up and provides ample space when expanded. Another impressive feature is how it can be lifted and mounted on the ground.

Camper Trailer – Marlin Escape Deluxe-Brendan

“Quality… low pricing.” -John Willis “Great ride height…” -Thomas Finally, another pair that merge remarkably well together. The Tanami Hybrid X15 has a heavy-duty bearing and electric brakes. These, together with its mud-terrain wheels allow for smooth towing. On the other hand, for a 4WD tower, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is fuel-efficient and a brilliant towing capacity.

Camper Trailer + 4WD – Tanami Hybrid X15 + Ford Ranger Wildtrak
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