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The Best Places To Visit In Western Australia

Western Australia makes up the continent’s western region and a large part of it is the magnificent Outback. The coastlines are lined with beaches teeming gorgeous white sand-shorelines, and blue to blue-green waters that invite swimmers and surfers alike.

For the best places to visit in Western Australia via road trip, here are the top picks you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Margaret River

Drive towards the state’s southwestern area and be greeted by shores of soft sand and breakers that beautiful fold one after the other. This paradise is your haven, especially if you want to take a dip in the water, grab a surfboard or a kayak and ride the waves.


Besides this, its caves are home to stalactites and stalagmites, fossils, and limestone. As you move further inland, you can try mountain climbing, biking, or walking on the nature trails that twist around forested spots.

Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

Next on your driving itinerary should be this fringing reef which, by the way, is the world’s largest. Marked as a heritage site under UNESCO, you and your family and friends can snorkel your way under the sea.


Swim with vibrantly coloured fish, whales, manta rays, and 500 other different marine species. That’s not all. The coral reef itself is a beauty to behold with at least 300 species that line the bottom of the ocean.

Cape Le Grand And Stokes National Park

This park’s 31,801 hectares has gneiss peaks and mountains that envelop the beaches— Lucky Bay, Hellfire Bay, and Twilight Beach. Their uncommercialized coasts are famed for having long stretches of soft sand.


Take a stroll along the beaches and you might spot kangaroos having their fill of the sun’s heat, every now and then. An event that very few areas in Western Australia experience these days. Furthermore, the national park’s hiking trails are famous for having a variety of unique plants and wildlife.

Horizontal Falls

Here’s a wonder of nature that you won’t find anywhere. The Horizontal Falls has its name because of the way huge powerful tides pass in between two side-by-side gorges. It looks as though the sea itself has a horizontal “falls”.


Take a glimpse of the picturesque scenery from the cliffs or via a jet boat. We suggest you try the first, and then the second. Jet boats will take you and your travel group in between the gorges! You’ll be sailing on top of the falls.

Kimberly Wilderness Loop

A major sealed highway can connect you to towering ranges and gorges. As you travel along the Great Northern Highway to Kununurra, you’ll witness spectacular views of Mimbi Caves and Purnululu National Park.


Sit back and drive on the highway while seeing scenic sites right outside your window. However, if you want to take on the challenge of going inside and walking until you reach the national park, then you can do that, too.

Gibb River Road

Once you’re on the Kimberly Loop, let Gibb River Road be next to-do and visit. 4WDs are suitable for its uneven terrain. Hence, if you’ll be driving in a 4×4, have an adventurous drive through gorges, around rivers, and mountain ranges.


You may also get to see cattle stations, old aboriginal communities, and glorious rock formations.

Great Central Road

Not as populated as other roads that many frequent for road trips, the Great Central Road is great for a quiet journey through red-tinted hills and landscapes. Take pictures and breathe in the fresher air as you pass through. You’ll have peace and quiet as you soak in the dazzling sceneries in every direction.


Further along the way, you can take a rest stop at a caravan park for food and drinks.

Docker River

Step on the pedal and slowly make your way to Docker River. When parked, you can drop by the store for food and supplies. After resting and appreciating the serene atmosphere of the river and riverbanks, restart the ignition once again.


This time, keep your eyes peeled for you to catch sight of the world-renown Uluru – Kata – Tjuta. This red rock that’s naturally shaped almost like a plateau, it truly is a magnificent sight to see. Just remember to secure park passes to get a closer look.

Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles

Head to the Nambung National Park where mystical peak-like rock formations called The Pinnacles stick out and stand on the ground. Much like a lunar landscape, you’ll be in awe of these otherworldly spires.


Rising a from a few centimetres to as tall as four meters, they’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. After gazing at The Pinnacles, check out the exhibits of the park at the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Center.

Cape To Cape Track

If you’re wanting to stretch your legs, follow any of the nature trails on Cape To Cape Track. Better yet, sign up for a guided tour and be in the midst of lush greeneries and colourful wildflowers.


Finally, set up camp at the camping grounds and caravan park.