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The Deluxe Caravan For Hire

Is it tough to leave behind the solace of home whenever you’re headed outdoors? Worried you will miss amenities and other equipment that you might not have access to in an ordinary camper or caravan? Worry no more with our Jayco Caravan for hire!

Jetsetting Your Camping Journey

The Jayco Caravan is a hitch-able camping and travel trailer that’s among the most popular choices in all of Oz. If a pleasurable, no hassles-travel is what you’re after, then this will be the ultimate travel comrade.


Often, it may take you a while to make a decision when it comes to what you should bring and what not to, during trips. We completely understand this predicament. You wouldn’t want to be thousands of miles away from your house only to realize you’ve left some kitchen equipment behind!


On the same note, if that plush softness of your bed is what you want with you while the wheels go a-turning, then you’re looking at a caravan that won’t disappoint. You don’t have to force yourself to “rough” it in the outdoors if you have options such as the Jayco Caravan. With this innovation in travel trailers, you’ll get a swanky home-like vibe no matter where you’re headed.


A preferred component of the Jayco Caravan among travellers is, first and foremost, its size. It’s the ace of aces in terms of being able to amenities, even furniture, that normally don’t get to travel with you because of their too-big measurements.


This caravan not only has a full-sized bed but a fully-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, a microwave, a stove set, and an oven in most cases. Moreover, it’s complete with a full sink. Also, let’s not forget about the dining table that can seat 6 people. If that’s not the definition of “full”, we don’t know what is!

Customizable, how? The floor plan of these caravans can be arranged and rearranged to accommodate other facilities and appliances such as a washing machine and a dryer.


Alternately, if there are specific appliances you won’t need but would like more room for everyone to move around in, those can be taken out.


Furthermore, some Jayco Caravans will give you the alternative to expand the front or back portions for you to add extra beds. The same is true with its extendable table to seat more people in a single go.

Staying connected to the internet has become a regular part of your day-to-day. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart kitchenware, the list goes on. And now, you’ve got a Smart Trailer that can be activated and controlled via voice command!


Not only this, but you can direct the caravan’s functions through your phone, too. Convenience at its finest, it’s a technologically advanced trailer that’s ahead of its time, in the most awe-striking manner possible.

*Can accommodate different pieces of home-styled furniture

*Outfitted with air conditioning

*Connects to Amazon’s Alexa