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The Camper’s Best Friend On The Road

Heading out on the road with your family and friends? Here’s an accommodation that’s basically your home on the go— campervans! Instead of driving in a regular vehicle, travel in comfort and in style built for travelling fun.


You’ve heard of the phrase “home away from home.” Well, we’re itching to use the same words for this amazing travel vehicle but don’t want to sound too sappy! Still, you’ll feel exactly like you’re floating in the coziness of your very own lovely place of residence.


Instead of booking hotel-after-hotel along the long stretches of pavement, or painstakingly looking for room rentals somewhere in the gorgeous wilderness, campervans are the best alternative for hire.


With spacious interiors meant for group travelling, you know for sure you’ll be sitting pleasantly with much legroom to stretch your feet, sit back, and enjoy life under the skies. Moreover, you’ll have separate spaces to keep your luggage, you won’t have to be bothered by them while you journey on.


top roof Among the distinct components campervans have are pop-top roofs. Although some may not have this special design, still, they’ll come in handy much more than you’d imagine. In fact, they’re among the reasons why these travel vehicles are a favourite in Aussieland.


These pop-top or pop-up roofs provide you with a separate “room” if you will. This unique van roof can be lifted from the front up and stretched to an a-line diagonal position. In contrast, other brands allow it to rise in a rectangular position that’s parallel in height from end to end. Most pop-tops are spacious enough for 2 adults, or an adult and 2 kids.


You can use it to lay flat on the roof, the way you would a bed. Climb up and take a nap, or simply stretch out leisurely to give your back a bit of rest from sitting up straight for long hours. Some families alternate the use of this van roof since it usually cannot accommodate the same number of people the vehicle’s seating capacity is able to.

kitchenAnother component to take note of is that larger campers have built-in kitchens. These kitchens have a stove burner or two, a small refrigerator, and even a grill. In addition, you’ll often be given a choice upon hiring, if you want a few of the said components to run on gas, electricity, or battery.


If you’ll be travelling with those who have smaller bladders or if you’re with kids, then you might want to hire a vehicle that includes a portable toilet. And no, it’s not at all the kid-sized type that many imagine it is. This porta-potty is made for adults, as well.

other features*Bucket seats offer pleasant individual spacing, as well as seating comfort due to its armrests

*Wider distance between van seats

*Larger vans have extra cabinets for storing food items and others

*Internal or detachable external showers for high-end models