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For Terrific Road Trips Any Time, Anywhere

Here’s a ride that’s definitely tailor-fit to your travelling lifestyle, and your affinity towards being able to travel with your family, or with your mates. Who knew that you can travel this comfortably in wheels on long stretches of paved highways or nature paths?

Well, you’re going to love hiring the 4WD.

The Four-By-Four For You

Also known as the 4×4, a 4-wheel drive will provide you with spacious interiors similar to that of a large SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). Although, of course, this may also be highly dependent on the brand and make of the vehicle you’ll hire.


That said, road adventure-seekers will love this type of travel vehicle. Being that its name is 4×4, you’ll absolutely be in for a treat since torque is spread to all 4 wheels (hence, its name)! You’ll encounter delightful driving ease the way you do in a regular 4-wheeled vehicle. Only, this one’s more suited for longer-than-average road tips. No stopovers? No problem.


If you’re someone who especially enjoys being behind the wheel of your car, you won’t have to adjust too much with a 4WD. It will give you the driving experience you’re already familiar with. On the other hand, high-end 4WDS have components unique to them and we’ve listed them below.


Off-road excursions require a tougher type of vehicle that can handle what might be difficult terrain. At the same time, you want a car that will offer you features that will do well on long and rough roads. These needs will be met by a 4WD because they can withstand traversing on various types of surfaces, whether paved or unpaved.
You don’t have to worry about parking because a 4WD is actually quite compact when compared to campervans and caravans. Instead of having trouble looking for fitting parking areas, you can simply choose any regular spot and park right through.


Plus, you’ll discover for yourself just how seamless our 4x4s drive. Parking in tight spaces won’t be troublesome at all. Which means no unnecessary additional parking fees!

The misconception about 4WDs is that they’re just like any other car used for regular driving. In contrast, a lof of 4x4s today have sunroofs (pickup trucks and the like don’t). These are not to be confused with campervans’ pop-top roofs. A sunroof can only be opened or closed, and cannot be expanded into a tent.


Contrarily, these work the way windows do. They’re meant to only let the sunlight and wind in.

Our 4-wheel drives might not necessarily be a Monster Truck in the strictest definition of the word. Still, they’re monsters in that they have a torque that will allow them to tow another vehicle behind. And this remains true when driving uphill. Engines won’t wear out the way regular vehicles do when lugging heavy-weighted objects.
*Many 4x4s contain larger-than-average fuel tanks

*No hassle in the transition from a regular 4-wheeled vehicle to a 4WD

*Strong winds and rough landscapes won’t be a problem to traverse on