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The 4x4 + Camper Trailer Duo

Looking to camp out and reign supreme on the open road? How about hopping on a ride that’s fit for royal travellers such as yourself and your travel group? We’re talking about not one, but two stunning vehicles meant for the road king or queen that you are!

When 2 Is Better Than 1

There’s something freeing about steering the wheel and gazing at the horizon as you inch towards it. And with road trips, that feeling is elevated to a hundred levels higher! When the landscape becomes more rugged than level, a 4WD and camper trailer are the vehicles for the journey.


It’s a thrill to drive a 4×4 which is why you’re wanting to hire this car for your next quest. Conversely, you’re travelling with your family and friends, and it’s going to be one long road trip. Driving two separate cars might be too much to handle.


So, the more practical undertaking is to hook a camper trailer to a 4-wheel drive. These two vehicles perfectly compliment each other. A 4×4 can dominate off-road and other ground surfaces. Therefore, attaching a camper trailer, especially ones with shock-absorber walls or wheels will let your drive be as smooth as gliding on water.


Camper trailers have space-maximized corners to fit as much amenities as they can without being too cramped. They usually have a kitchen with a stovetop, a sink, a microwave, and a dinette.


Also, there are those that commonly have one or two beds that are situated on the outer wings, or the north and sound end of the trailer.

Both the 4WD and the camper’s tent linings are weather-proof and can withstand strong winds and rain. As for camper trailers, their air-permeable windows can be covered with attached window coverings that are waterproof, too.


This can be said of their tires as well. Their wheels can still spin on and on even when the ground becomes less flat and sturdy. And yes, even when it becomes more curved, muddy, or rocky.

Our 2 to 3-wheeled camper trailers are extremely mobile. Their wheels can swivel to safely follow the direction of the 4-wheel drive pulling it. The same is true when your 4WD pulls to a stop or changes direction. Campers are able to withstand sudden pressure or rigorous motion.
Expandable tents can be spread out and have measurements wider than that of the vehicle itself. For this reason, most are equipped with extra base-supports. The excess room can act as an extended roof that will be useful when parked. Want to have a coldie or any chilled drink while seated under a shade? We reckon you go for this type of 4WD tent.
*4WDs have large fuel storage and capacity

*No hassle in the transition from a regular 4-wheel vehicle to a 4WD

*4WDs improves and stabilizes traction in driving conditions and routes that are challenging

*Some 4WDs have a roof luggage