What’s it Like to Hire a Campervan or 4WD Camper?

Perfect Beach Views

Perfect Beach Views

Are you wondering whether campervan hire is a good idea? If you’ve never taken a driving holiday before, you’ve probably got a tonne of questions.

So, what’s it like to holiday in a campervan or 4WD camper?

All we can say is that our customers love it. You only need to read our latest reviews to see that campervan hire is the perfect way to explore Australia.

Some of the highlights you’ll enjoy when you hire a campervan or hire 4WD camper:

  • Being able to stop anywhere
  • Enjoying parking on the beach, cooking dinner and eating while watching a breathtaking West Australian sunset.
  • Freedom from scheduled destinations – no hotel bookings to race to!
  • Meeting and mixing with local people.
  • … much more!

Too Nervous to Book From Overseas?

If you’re worried about booking a hire vehicle without seeing it first – don’t be! All of our international customers book in advance and they’re always impressed with the vehicles. No matter whether you’re in Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA or even Japan – we can make your Australian holiday easy.

You’ll find the vans are supplied with everything you need. Everything is clean and tidy and exactly as described. Our helpful team will get you off and driving without a problem.

Book Your Driving Holiday Today

We’re excited about the campervan hire reviews we’ve received lately. We’d love to hear your review too! So take a moment to choose your van and book your holiday. If you’re not sure what van you need, just let us know. We can answer your questions and recommend a van or 4WD perfectly suited to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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