Prices and Costs of Camping in Western Australia

As you travel Western Australia, you’ll find a wide range of prices across various camping grounds. Generally, these prices will vary depending on whether the campsite is within a big caravan park, a smaller park or a Government managed National Park campsite.

Large Caravan Parks

If the campsite is within a brand-name caravan park (for example Big 4 Holiday Parks, which has many parks all over Australia), then you’ll get access to more facilities. These include playgrounds, swimming pools and jumping pillows for the kids. Of course, you’ll generally pay more to stay in one of these parks.

Small Caravan Parks

Alternatively, smaller caravan parks are often cheaper and in most cases you still get great facilities like a camper’s kitchen, hot water, public bathrooms, etc. These smaller caravan parks offer powered campsites for as little as $18/night per family (in remote areas) and range up to $60/night per family for brand-name caravan parks in peak holiday seasons.

National Park & Government Campsites

Cheaper still are Government managed National Park campsites. These are bushland areas designated for camping. You will need to pay a small fee (as little as $6/night) to camp in these areas. The fee gives you access to a well maintainted campsite area, usually with public toilet facilities (which may only be a hole in the ground!). These sites don’t provide running water or power, so you’ll definitley be more comfortable hiring one of our camper vans or camping trailers.

Free Camping Areas

There are also camping areas that are free. Free campsites will usually have no facilities – so a shovel will come in handy for ablutions in the bush! Don’t let this put you off though. Camping in the great outdoors is fun – and with a well equipped camper van or camper trailer, you’ll have all the facilities you need to really relax and enjoy your holiday.
Keep in mind that when staying in a caravan park, you’ll often receive a discount on nightly rates if you plan on staying for a week or more.

We hope these tips are helpful in planning your Western Australian camping holiday. Remember, we’re here to help, so call us now and book your camping vehicle early.

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