The Easy Way to Keep Your Online Travel Diary

Want to Keep Your Travel Diary Online?

A travel diary is a fantastic way to keep your memories alive. Taking the time at the end of each day to write about your experiences – the places you’ve seen and the things you’ve done – is rewarding and satisfying.

To add a whole new level of fun to your diary writing, we recommend trying an online travel blog. Two such sites are and With easy access via an iphone or wireless laptop connection, you can upload photos, write as much as you please, review your favourite tourist destinations… and even share videos with your friends and family.

The Setup

To set up your first online travel blog, simply pick your preferred website and get started by setting up a free account. After that you’ll be able to write ‘blog’ (web log) posts which are exactly like a diary – written and organized by date.

A fantastic feature included in these free travel blog websites is the ability to geo-tag your photographs. That means you can assign a location to your photos, making it easy for you to browse and share your photos with other people.

You’ll also find privacy settings which make it easy for you to keep your travel blog private and personal – or share it with the world.

Why Not Start Today?

You can begin your travel blog by writing about your holiday planning… you don’t even need to be holiday yet! It’s a good way to consolidate your thoughts and make solid travel plans. Of course, we’d love to see our campervan hire vehicles mentioned in your travel diary, so book with us today and let us know when you make your first online travel dairy post.

Have fun… and enjoy!

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