Drive to Coral Bay Western Australia – Driving Holiday Top Spot

Coral Bay Drive Trip

Hire a campervan to Coral Bay – Drive HolidayCoral Bay 100_1197 by Ianz

Campervan Australia Hire Customers Recommend Coral Bay

We always ask our customers about their favorite places to visit. Time and again people recommend Coral Bay, so we’ve written this blog post to encourage you to include it on your camper hire itinerary.

4 Great Reasons to Include Coral Bay on Your Camper Hire Trip

Coral Bay Western Australia is a beautiful destination for camper hire travelers that want to experience a stunning ocean location. There are many compelling reasons to visit Coral Bay Western Australia on your Campervan Self Drive Holiday – here are just four of them:

  1. Indian Ocean Views: Coral Bay Western Australia gives you stunning and unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean. Coral Bay’s lagoon-like waters are sheltered by the Ningaloo Reef. This makes waters calm and inviting most of the year. Stunning ocean views are everywhere you look. You can also hire a boat – or take a charter tour – to soak up more of the ocean vista.
  2. Reef Wildlife: Coral Bay gives you have easy access to reef and coral. Snorkelling is a must activity. You will find fish, coral and plenty of other wildlife well within your reach. The reef, with an abundance of protected fish and coral, are accessible in the bay… even to small children. The best way to see all of the stunning wildlife that Coral Bay Western Australia has to offer is by way of coral viewing boats. Tours will allow you to see turtle nesting on the local beaches, whale sharks in the bay and a variety of other rich wildlife throughout the area.
  3. Water Sports: If you love the idea of swimming in crystal clear waters, then Coral Bay is the perfect location for you. Whether you go snorkeling along the coral reefs to experience the fish and wildlife first hand, or take a coral boat out to get a birds eye view into deep, clear waters, there are plenty of things to do, see and experience here. There is an abundance of water activities for you to take in at Coral Bay in Western Australia.
  4. Luxury: If you’re looking for something special – a little luxury to spice up your campervan hire trip – Coral Bay has a lot on offer. Between the resort hotel and spacious caravan parks there are numerous opportunities for you to indluge while in the area.

The warmer weather is coming soon. Coral Bay is perfect for enjoying water activities on your campervan hire holiday. Book your holiday today and be sure to include a drive to Coral Bay on your itinerary!

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Campervan Australia Hire on Facebook and Twitter


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We’re excited to announce some new social media features on our website. With Facebook and Twitter integration, it’s now easier than ever for you to share your camping experience with the world. New changes to the website include:

  • Facebook on the front page.
  • Twitter links for easy following.
  • New featured blog posts and news updates via Facebook
  • New ‘reviews’ page. You can now read others’ reviews as well as post your own.

We invite you to send us your campervan hire photos. Tell us about your camping holiday and destinations you’d recommend to others (or recommend others avoid!). Connect with us today by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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Australian Campervan Hire Tips

Australian Campervan HireCampervan hire is an affordable, fun way to travel Australia. Our customers often say the experience is addictive… and they can’t wait to book their next holiday! Although we can’t say hiring a campervan is ‘cheap’, we can say that it is an affordable holiday option. You will certainly get more ‘bang for your buck’ than staying in hotels and finding fixed accommodation during your trip. To help you get more value from your campervan hire, follow these tips:

  • Flexible meals. A mistake people often make is planning their meal times too strictly. Some people plan to cook all meals themselves. Others plan to dine out every night. Cooking all meals yourself can be tiring, especially if you’re always in and out of the grocery store for ingredients. On the other hand, dining out can be expensive… and it can detract from the outdoor holiday experience. We recommend mixing up your dining options. Our vans provide all the facilities you need to cook and clean, so cook for yourself as much as you can but DO give yourself a break and eat out a couple of times a week.
  • Make the most camp area activities. Nearly all Australian holiday parks have dedicated spots for people who are hiring a campervan. You will be able to plug your van into mains power and recharge your equipment. You’ll also enjoy a variety of activities available to camp area guests. These facilities may include a swimming pool or tennis court. If you stay in a remote bush camp area, you will no doubt find a walking trail nearby. There are plenty of activities you can do without needing to visit expensive tourist attractions, so make the most of them. You’ll save money and benefit from a more relaxing holiday.

Campervan hire gives you an extremely flexible holiday. If you find a place you love, you’re free to stay a little while longer. We hope you’ve enjoyed these Australian campervan hire tips. You’ll enjoy the freedom that comes from having no fixed schedule of accommodation.

Are you ready to join our growing list of happy customers? Simply give us a call to talk about your Australian campervan hire options. Or use the easy form on this website. We’d love to hear your ideas and make your driving holiday dreams come true.

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What’s it Like to Hire a Campervan or 4WD Camper?

Perfect Beach Views

Perfect Beach Views

Are you wondering whether campervan hire is a good idea? If you’ve never taken a driving holiday before, you’ve probably got a tonne of questions.

So, what’s it like to holiday in a campervan or 4WD camper?

All we can say is that our customers love it. You only need to read our latest reviews to see that campervan hire is the perfect way to explore Australia.

Some of the highlights you’ll enjoy when you hire a campervan or hire 4WD camper:

  • Being able to stop anywhere
  • Enjoying parking on the beach, cooking dinner and eating while watching a breathtaking West Australian sunset.
  • Freedom from scheduled destinations – no hotel bookings to race to!
  • Meeting and mixing with local people.
  • … much more!

Too Nervous to Book From Overseas?

If you’re worried about booking a hire vehicle without seeing it first – don’t be! All of our international customers book in advance and they’re always impressed with the vehicles. No matter whether you’re in Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA or even Japan – we can make your Australian holiday easy.

You’ll find the vans are supplied with everything you need. Everything is clean and tidy and exactly as described. Our helpful team will get you off and driving without a problem.

Book Your Driving Holiday Today

We’re excited about the campervan hire reviews we’ve received lately. We’d love to hear your review too! So take a moment to choose your van and book your holiday. If you’re not sure what van you need, just let us know. We can answer your questions and recommend a van or 4WD perfectly suited to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Monkey Mia – Campervan Hire Recommended Destination

Campervan Hire trip to Monkey Mia

Take a campervan to Monkey MiaMonkey Mia 24 by Kutschi

We received this lovely review from Mary and David – happy campervan hire customers. So, we decided to write a bit Money Mia, a popular destination for our customers. First, let’s see David and Mary’s review:

We hired the campervan for 15 days in May
to explore the coast from Perth to Monkey Mia. The
van was very clean and well equiped.Terry was very
helpful and easy to deal with. We had a great time
and it was fun. Highly recommended.

Things to See and Do in Monkey Mia

Dolphin Feeding Sessions

Monkey Mia is of course most famous for the public Dolphin feeding sessions. The sessions usually attract a large group of people, but you might be lucky enough to be selected to feed them! It’s typical for eight or more dolphins to visit Dolphin beach for the feeding session each day.

Other Activities

Apart from the dolphins, there are heaps of things to do in Monkey Mia, including swimming, fishing and snorkeling. Click here for information about things to do in Monkey Mia. The fishing also comes highly recommended. Although you’re not allowed to fish from the jetty, there are plenty of fishing spots in the wider Shark Bay area and we’re told you’ll catch Tailor, Whiting, Tarwhine and if you’re lucky maybe a Mulloway or two!

Campervan Hire – A Great Way to Experience Shark Bay and Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is located in Shark Bay – about 850 km north of Perth. This is a fantastic drive you’re sure to enjoy in one of our comfy hire campervans! If you’re in a hurry, you can do the drive from Perth in one or two days. Of course, you can take inspiration from Mary and David and take your time to explore the coast for a few weeks. Whether you’re visiting from overseas, or you’re an Aussie who has never fed the Monkey Mia dolphins, campervan hire gives you the opportunity for an amazing holiday experience driving up the WA Coast up to Shark Bay. We encourage you to read our customer reviews discover where other travelers are going. Give us a call, or use the website forms to book your campervan rental today. Take a look at the same van Mary and David hired – Long Wheel Based Campervan Hire. We look forward to helping you with your holiday.

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The Bungle Bungles – 4WD Hire Recommended Destination

Bungle Bungles 4WD Hire

4WD Hire Ultimate Bungle Bungles ExperienceHiking through the Bungle Bungles
by David Busch Aus

Our 4WD hire is a fantastic way to see the Bungle Bungles. You can take your four-wheel-drive vehicle and drive right in.

You’ll be able to access areas that others can’t… and secure some very nice camping spots.

About the Bungle Bungles

People have traveled from all over the world just to take a hike through the Bungle Bungle’s beehive-like limestone formations. It is hard to believe that these unusual tiger stripes are made from algae that grows and penetrates the pores of the honeycombed rock. The stunning red/orange color is built up from a combination of manganese and iron where they stain the rock.

Historically, the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia was where the Aboriginal people lived during the wet season, where there was a lot of wild life and plant life to sustain them. Almost no one knew about this place until the middle of the 1980s. In 1987 it was named a national park and in 2003 it gained world wide recognition when it was inscribed into the World Heritage List.

Bungle Bungles 4WD Hire Experience

For our International customers wanting to experience the Outback – or even Aussies who have never really been off road – we recommend a 4wd hire drive out to the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia. The Bungle Bungles is now world renowned and many tourists make a point of seeing this beautiful place on their West Australian holiday. As our customers often tell us… you will not be disappointed.

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4WD Rooftop Camper Hire – Experience Australia

4WD Rooftop Camper Hire - Off the Beaten Track

4WD Rooftop Camper Hire - Off the Beaten Track

Check out this photo of one of our hire campers – a 4WD rooftop camper. This photo was sent in by a happy holiday maker enjoying the great outdoors. If you’d like to escape to secluded areas like this, 4WD hire is a great way to get off the beaten track. And the rooftop tent makes camping even better.

Benefits of Traveling Light

Rooftop campers are super portable and always ready to go. There’s no need to tow a trailer or caravan, so you don’t have to worry about vehicle access. You are free to travel wherever your 4WD will go!

Easy Setup-up and Pack-down.

Nobody wants to spend hours setting up tents, especially after a busy day of activity.  The rooftop camper tent simply folds down and you’re ready. The pack-down process is just as easy, making your mornings easy. You can set off early on your adventures, making the most of every day.

High and Dry

Sleeping high-and-dry is exactly what you want when you’re camping! Less worry about ants, bugs and creepy crawlies. Being off ground, there’s also less sand and dirt in your tent and, therefore, less clean up. Our customers also appreciate the dry tent floor.

Level Sleeping Surface

It’s always difficult to find a smooth area for setting up ground tents. With rooftop camper hire, you don’t have to worry about slopes, sticks or stones ruining your holiday sleep.

Hire a Rooftop Camper

If you like today’s photo and you’re keep to hire a rooftop camper, give us a call today or use the easy booking forms on this website. (Sorry these are no longer available for hire.) Remember, if you’re traveling in a group, you can add a camper trailer to your hire for the ultimate sleeping space and camping gear setup.

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Australia Camper Hire Review – What customers say about the Merc Sprinter van

Australia Camper Hire Reviews Mercedes SprinterWe believe there’s no better way to enjoy a holiday in Western Australia than in a campervan. Camper hire is not only cost-effective and much cheaper than a hotel, it also gives you an added sense of freedom and adventure.

Here’s a great review from one of our happy customers.

Australia Camper Hire Review – Merc Sprinter

"Traveling down the W.A coast in the fantastic
Merc Sprinter was one of the best experiences
we've ever had. Only a little
attached to the van.....really didn't want to
give it back!..  Thanks again Terry!"

We’re often surprised to hear how many of our customers become attached to their hire camper van! Perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, they’re great vehicles supplied with absolutely everything you could wish for on your driving holiday. Not only that, but you get quality time with your traveling companions. This is perhaps the best benefit of all – something all our customers appreciate.

If you’d like to book camper hire, why not check out the Mercedes Sprinter for yourself? Or just browse the website to choose a vehicle that suits you. We’re here to answer any of your questions, so get in touch today.

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Best Campervan Hire Reviews

Here’s an email from a couple of happy campers enjoying their holiday in one of our campervan hire vehicles. You might be surprised to know that many of customers become quite emotionally attached to their campervan. Why? We think it’s because of the freedom and adventure a campervan gives you. Unlike traditional holidays, you’re not stuck in a hotel, you’re not restricted to a tight schedule. Hire a campervan and you’ll enjoy your holiday on your own schedule, at your own pace.

This is one of the most fun and best campervan hire reviews we’ve enjoyed reading!…

Best Campervan Hire – Reviews Our Toyota Campervan

Hi Terry.

We had a fabulous celebration
when Our Toy-ota celebrated its
25,ooo km Anniversary earlier this week.

She had already enjoyed a restful, shady week in Broome,
and we treated her to a luxury sudsy all-over bubble-bath,
with her usual special face and chest wash
*she does LOVE collecting those bugs on her chest*
and she was as clean as a whistle
ready for the party in her honour.

and a rousing chorus of "For She's a Jolly Good Camper Van".
(just kidding about that last bit!)

We are still enjoying our trip 100% + + +
thanks to you, Terry,
and your fantastic Camper Van Toy-ota.

Kind regards,

Maxine and Neil
Relaxing in The Shade at Kakadu this week.


Thanks for the giggle Maxine and Neil! We’re so glad you’re enjoying your holiday.


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Perth Camper Hire Reviews

Perth Camper Hire ReivewsIn our office, we have an expert team doing their 100% best to make your camping holiday a magnificent experience. Despite our best efforts, we have the occasional problem. Fortunately, we have connections with a fantastic support network of tourism companies around Australia. That means we can usually sort out any problems in a matter of hours.

Take this letter for example…

Perth Camper Hire Reviews – Amazing Customer Service

Hi Terry & the CampaboutOZ TEAM!
your customers past and present need
to know what a fantastic organisation
we dealt with. Despite the operational
issues the campervan you outsourced for
us was fantastic and the fact that you
picked up the difference in the daily
rate is an exceptional example of
customer service!

Your honesty and integrity in your dealings
with us was amazing indeed! Thank you.
Best Regards Graham & Kathy

Thanks to Graham and Kathy for sending this camper hire review email through to us. A little bit of encouragement goes a long way in our busy Camper Hire office. We’re really pleased everything worked out in the end and that you were able to enjoy a wonderful holiday. We hope to see you again soon!

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