4WD Camper Hire Australia – 2 Popular Hire Choices

Are you looking to hire a 4WD camper in Australia? We have two popular 4WD hire options. Give our friendly staff a call, or use our online contact form, and we’ll arrange a hire option to suit your budget.

4WD Hire Option 1 – 4WD Only

4WD Hire Australia

4WD Hire Australia

Our 4WD-only hire suits people who are willing to camp in the great outdoors with tents and sleeping gear, or who are planning to stay in chalet or hotel accomodation. If you’re keen to camp, we’ll supply all the tents, sleeping gear and camping equipment you need – at no extra charge. The 4WDs are late model vehicles, ready to take you off the beaten track. This is a very popular option and being in the great outdoors is a fabulous holiday experience!

4WD Hire Option 2 – Combo 4WD + Camping Trailer

Camper Trailer + 4WD Hire

Camper Trailer + 4WD Hire

For those of you who are not quite ready to “rough it” in a tent, you can hire a camper trailer with your 4WD. The eagle camper trailer is luxurious and comfortable with heaps of sleeping room for families and small groups. If you have teenagers or singles in your group who need their own sleeping area, we will provide extra tends and sleeping gear at no extra charge. This combo deal is fast becoming a favourite with our customers, so we’re sure you’ll love it!

Get a Great Deal on Your 4WD Camper Hire

To plan your 4WD hire holiday, begin with getting a quote. Simply use our online quote request to tell us the dates you wish to travel and we’ll reply with a fast quote. We don’t offer automated quoting systems because we want to tailor make an awesome deal for you. Rest assured, when we supply your quote, you’ll be getting the best deal possible. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote today and kickstart your great Australian holiday!

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New 4WD Available – Toyota Landcruiser

Toyota Landcruiser 4WD for Hire Perth WA

Toyota Landcruiser 4WD for Hire

We’re proud to announce a new addition to our fleet of 4WD hire vehicles in Perth WA. It’s  ultimate Aussie adventure four wheel drive – a Toyota Landcruiser 76 Series, V8 Turbo Diesel.

The new landcruisers are only 1-4 years old and are perfectly maintained to excellent standards, both mechanically and aesthetically.

Family 4WD Holiday in Australia

The great thing about this landcruiser 4WD hire is the whole family – or your small group – can now go camping together. We will supply tents and camping gear, including everything you need for a proper camping experience. Alternatively, you can camp in style with a modern Eagle Camper Trailer. We hire the trailers in a combo deal with these landcruisers – a great way to holiday!

Book Yours Today

Landcruiser V8 4WD4WD Toyota Landcruiser 4WDSeats: 5Simply click the image here to read the vehicle specs and get a quote. Remember, our friendly staff can answer all your hire and travel questions, so feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Campervan Hire Western Australia

Campervan Hire Western Australia – Holiday with Adventure

Campervan Hire Western Australia

Campervan Hire Western Australia – On the Beach!

Have you ever hired a campervan before? Are you keen to try “something different” but you’re not sure what to expect? If you’re wondering whether you are suited to a campervan self drive holiday, let us put your mind at ease. In this article, you’ll discover why our customers love our campervans – and why we’re sure you will too!

Camping in Luxury

Traditional camping involves sleeping on hard ground in a cold tent with no hot water, no bathroom and no fridge! No wonder many people are put off. And yet, those same people want to get out and about, experience the outdoor life, see forests, beaches and bush trails. We want the best of both worlds – and our campervan hire in Western Australia (and beyond!) is the perfect solution.

Creature Comforts of Campervan Hire

When you hire a campervan, you can experience the great outdoors without sleeping on the cold, hard ground. You get a comfortable bed, running water and depending on the type of camper you choose, you may even enjoy hot water, a shower and toilet.

Dual Battery Setup Makes it Easy

These campervan luxuries are made possible by a dual battery setup – a secondary battery that is separate from the engine battery. This allows you to operate your fridge, lights and other electronics while your out and about, without draining the main battery. The secondary battery recharges while you drive. You can also plug your campervan directly into mains power at your campsite. All appliances and electronics will then run off the mains power. When you hire a campervan in Western Australia, you’ll find many campsites equipped with bays dedicated to campervans. These are powered bays, so you can plug your van into power.

For “An Amazing Holiday” – Choose Campervan Hire Western Australia

Every day, we hear our customers rave about their “amazing holiday” and how fantastic their campervan has been! Even people who hate camping, or who have never been camping, fall in love with their campervan. Some people have even given their camper a nick name!

We’d love you give YOU the same wonderful experience. To get you started, one of our friendly staff will demonstrate all the campervan’s features, showing you how it all operates. We provide all cutlery and cooking items, all sleeping needs such as blanks and pillows, and much more.  After many years of running our family business, we’ve thought of everything and you’ll find everything you need in the vehicle. We’ll even provide extra tents and sleeping gear if you want to make sleeping arrangements less “cosy” (great for teenagers who want to sleep in their own space.)

Call Us for Campervan Hire in Australia

If you want a holiday with adventure, campervan hire will give you exactly what you’re after. Experience fun in the great outdoors – a holiday with real difference. We’re happy to advise and help you choose the right campervan hire to suit your needs. Give us a call or use the website form to enquire about campervan hire today.

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Perth Self Drive Hire Itineraries – Notes and Ideas

Planning Your Perth Self Drive Itinerary?

Perth self drive itinerary campervan hire

Perth Self Drive Itinerary Ideas

Starting from Perth

Although we have pick up and drop off locations all over Australia, most of our customers start their journey in Perth. Indeed, many of our guests come straight from Perth International airport to collect their hire camper – starting their journey on day 1! But where do they go? And where should you go? This blog post contains a few suggested destinations for those of you starting your Perth self drive itinerary.

Going North from Perth

If you have at least 7 days, you can travel North right through to Broome. We have drop-off points in Broome, so you don’t need to worry about racing back to Perth again. If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, the Kimberley region is worth seeing, especially if you’ve got a four wheel drive to take you off road. You can travel through to Darwin in the Northern Territory, where we also have drop-off points for our vehicles.

Perhaps the best time of year to head North is during Australia’s Winter – July through September. Even though Perth’s Winters are generally very mild, it can be wet and rainy and heading North is a great escape into warmer weather. Despite being Winter, the North West is warm most of the year and you’ll be able to swim at the beach and experience Aussie sunshine all year round.

Going South from Perth

South Western Australia is surprisingly beautiful, studded with world-class wineries and pristine forests. Your sight-seeing might involve wine/cheese/chocolate tastings, cave walks, forest walks, beach swims and more. Margaret River (here’s how to get there) is perhaps the most famous Western Australian wine making region, so head there first and then travel down to August and then east to Denmark and Albany. There’s plenty to see and do and no shortage of designated paid and free tourist attractions.

If you’re visiting Perth in Summer (December-February) and you’re not accustomed to a hot climate, we recommend going South during these months. The climate is milder, but you will still be able to thoroughly enjoy warm sunny days.

Ideas for Shorter Self-Drive Trips from Perth

If you’ve only got a few days for your self drive holiday, that’s fine. Perth is central to a fantastic array of attractions that can be seen within a few hours drive. Our customers often tour Perth’s southern regions inside a few days, seeing Fremantle and the Perth coastline. You can even head down to Margaret River, which is less than a day’s drive and gives you access to pristine beaches and world class wineries. There are also wineries worth visiting that are a little closer to Perth, located in the Swan Valley. If you’d rather head North, we’d recommend a visit to New Norcia, or taking an overnight trip to see the Pinnacles.

Perth Self Drive Hire Camper Vans and Four Wheel Drives

Although you can hire a vehicle for less than a week, most of our customers hire their campervan or four wheel drive for a week or more. Obviously, the more time you have the better for exploring and seeing Australia. In either case, we recommend making the most of each stop when planning your Perth self drive itinerary. Don’t rush through your trip, trying to see as much as possible. Try to relax instead. Even if you don’t have much time, you’ll enjoy your holiday more if you stop and spend time to enjoy each location.

Give our office a call today and talk to us about your holiday ideas. We’ll help you choose between Perth-based hire campervans, our camper trailers and our range of four wheel drives.

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Australia 4WD Hire – Perth to Broome 7 Day Itinerary

Broome Western Australia 4WD Hire

Cable Beach Broome Cable Beach camels by peterdconroy

It’s May – the last month of Autumn/Fall in Australia. So with Winter fast approaching, where’s the best destination for a self-drive holiday? North of course! Our Australia 4WD Hire is a great way to get there!

Australia 4WD Hire – North from Perth to Broome

North Western Australia continues to offer iconic warm weather and sunny days, even in the middle of Winter. In fact, Broome will often experience a series of blissfully hot days with temperatures as high as 29/30 degrees Celsius during these months. This is perfect for our overseas guests seeking a summer holiday.

Continuing from our last post, we’re highlighting Itineraries from The WesternAustralia.com Website http://www.westernaustralia.com. You’ll discover well thought out Itineraries, a great place to start your journey planning. One of their featured journeys in the Broome Getaway – suggested 7 days. While we think 7 days is too ambitious, we think it’s a fantastic holiday and suggest you allow extra time, especially on the to- and from- legs of the trip.

4WD Hire Perth to Broome – 7 Day Trip for Campervans or 4WDs

WesternAustralia.com's Broome Getaway Itinerary

Duration: 7 days (NOTE – We suggest adding a few extra days to allow
plenty of driving time to and from Broome.)
Click here to check out the details of this trip. It's full of
warm-weather fun, including swimming at Cable beach, and sight-seeing,
to bird watching.

Of course, if you hire one of our 4WD campers, you'll have even more
fun, being able to explore off-road bush tracks

Many of our customers have taken the Perth-to-Broome trip. They agree
the biggest advantages are the dollar savings and freedom to go anywhere.
You won’t have to pay excessive accommodation costs and you can even camp for free in appropriately marked places.

Book Your Australia 4WD Hire for Perth to Broome Trips

You can book either a 4WD hire or campervan hire for this journey. Of course, a campervan is best if you want to stick to sealed roads and increase your level of comfort; however, the North-west has many off-road tourist destinations, so you might want to consider a 4WD.

Perth to Broome is a highly recommended journey. Please call our office today and let’s discuss your plans together. We can make sure you get the perfect hire vehicle to suit your plans and budget. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Australia Camper Hire – Itinerary Ideas for Driving the South West Corner

Australia Camper Hire - Fishing Fun!

Australia Camper Hire - Add fishing to your South West camping Itinerary!

If you’re like most of our customers, it’s the freedom of going anywhere at any time that starts you planning a driving holiday. Hiring a camper van is without doubt one of the best ways to feel truly free – free from schedules and plans.

That said, we recommend having a basic idea of where you’d like to travel and how long each leg of your journey will take. With that in mind, today’s post features an example of a fantastic Itinerary for travelling the South West Forest of Western Australia.

Touring the South-West Corner in a Camper Van

Imagine printine coastine and blue water right next to deep green forest. That’s our South West corner. In fact, in Pemberton you can see sand-dunes in the middle of the forest… one of the only land-bound dune systems in the World. And just over the dune horizon is the beautiful blue ocean.

Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a family looking for fun and adventure, the South West has it all. Choose from cheese and wine attractions, gourmet food destinations, caving, hiking, fishing and more. Or simply relax and soak up the beautiful atmosphere with a good book.

From WesternAustralia.com

Inpsired by http://www.westernaustralia.com suggested Itineraries, we decided to give their website a plug on this blog. Check out the schedule and click through to their site for more information.

Tour the Southern Forests with WesternAustralia.com’s Itinerary

Duration:   5 days
 Distance:   981km / 610miles
 Day 1: Perth to Bridgetown - 260km / 162miles
 Day 2: Bridgetown to Pemberton - 67km / 42miles
 Day 3: Pemberton to Walpole / Denmark - 185km / 115miles
 Day 4: Denmark to Albany - 53km / 33miles
 Day 5: Albany to Perth - 409km / 258miles

This Trip – Get the Details

Get more info about each day of this five day trip by clicking here. Keep in mind, you’ll have the added advantage of travelling by camper van. That means you won’t need to pay high prices for accommadation. Whether you choose to stay in free camping grounds or pay a small fee to tap into the power and water at a tourist park, you’ll save plenty of cash by hiring a campervan.

Australia Camper Hire for Touring the South West

Call our office today and ask about hiring a camper van – or even a 4WD – to take this 5 day Itinerary in the South West. We’ll help you decide on the best vehicle for you. You can pick up your vehicle from our Perth office and get started straight away with your Australia camper hire. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Seasonal Tips for your Australian Driving Holiday

Australia is a large continent with a wide variety of climates. Hot, tropical locations in the North and cool wine growing regions in the South, offer great choice and variety for your holiday. This article contains essential tips for making the most of Aussie weather and seasons on your Australian driving holiday.

Follow the Best Weather

Some people love the heat, while others prefer the cold. Depending on your preference, you can follow the most inviting weather by choosing your destinations carefully.

Northern areas of Australia offer warm, balmy weather even during Winter months. Broome and Coral Bay in Western Australia for example, are often preferred by our campervan rental customers during Winter months.

Surprisingly, cooler Southern regions are equally popular during Winter months – especially for people who prefer cool weather and a relaxed holiday of sight-seeing and wine tasting.

Seasonal Warnings

  • The Aussie outback – including central Australia, Alice Springs – can be unbearably hot for tourists coming from colder climates.
  • Avoid camping on the beach during Winter months. Not only will it be cold, it can also be windy and rainy.
  • Watch out for Jellyfish swarms in tropical areas and around warm beaches. If in doubt, ask the locals – or the area’s tourist bureau – whether it’s safe to swim.

Are you ready to plan your Driving Holiday in Australia? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak to you about activities and destinations recommended for the season you’re traveling.

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Visit Bremer Bay Western Australia – Camper Hire Destination

Campervan Australia Hire Customers Recommend Bremer Bay WA

Bremer Bay Camper Hire Holiday

Bremer Bay Camper Destination Bremer Bay by borkazoid

We’ve recently heard a few people talking about Bremer Bay. It sounds like the perfect destination for a Summer Camper Hire holiday in South Western Australia.

Bremer Bay is a small town with a population of only 300 people. If you love beautiful beaches, you’ll want to add this top spot to your driving holiday itinerary!

Bremer Bay Attractions

  • John Cove Swimming Beach. John Cove is a popular swimming spot in Bremer Bay. Just a 10 minute walk from the centre of town, the cove is naturally sheltered, making it the preferred swimming spot for locals and tourists alike.
  • Watersports. Surfing, scuba diving, body boarding, snorkelling and more. All kinds of watersports are available in Bremer Bay. You can choose to go by yourself, or organise a professional chartered service.
  • Whale Waching. From July through to October, Southern Right whales can be spotted off the coast of Bremer Bay and surrounding areas. It’s not uncommon to spot a pod of whales, including baby calves.
  • Boating/Fishing. Bremer Bay boasts a marina and jetty, making it popular for boating enthusiasts. With or without a boat, Bremer Bay beaches are a popular fishing spot. You can go deep-sea fishing, or stick to the shore with a rod and reel

If you like the sound of Bremer Bay, you can check out the website here. We recommend booking holiday park accommodation early to avoid disappointment, especially if you’re planning to visit over the Christmas holidays. Call our office today to book your camper hire over the Aussie Christmas holidays.

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Hiring a Campervan in Australia – Activity Ideas

Campervan holidays are a wonderful way to experience the best Australia has to offer. In addition to saving money on accommodation, a campervan gives you freedom explore the great outdoors and travel at your leisure. Today’s blog post contains a list of our customer- recommended popular activities.

Activities at the Camper Van

When you hire a campervan in Australia, you can set up camp anywhere you like. Many customers choose a mixture of holiday park stays and designated national park campsite stays. Wherever you find yourself, take time to enjoy the following activities.

  • Write a travel journal (you can even write these online if you have mobile internet facilities)
  • Light a campfire
  • Cook a campfire meal
  • Go for a walk
  • Forage for treasure – leaves, flowers, etc. Why note make crafts from the things you find?
  • Gaze at the stars
  • Make the most of holiday park facilites – pool, park, etc.

Physical Activities

  • Swimming – at the beach, or in rivers, streams and waterholes depending on the location.
  • Water Sports – surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing/kayaking.
  • Hiking – specially created bushwalks, such as Western Australia’s Bibbulmun Track are equipped with shelters along the track. You can complete portions of the walks (which should take a few hours), or complete the trail (allow days or weeks depending on the trail).
  • Fishing – you should double-check with the tourist bureau at every town to make sure you don’t fish illegally.

Leisurely Activities

  • Wineries
  • Tasting local produce (cheese, olive oil, etc.)
  • Museums
  • Sight-seeing
  • Walking

Hiring a campervan in Australia is an easy, fun and cost-effective holiday alternative to traditional hotel accommodation. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to recommend the best vehicle – and most popular activities for you to enjoy.

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Campervan Hire Holiday Tips – Schedule Your Activities

When planning your campervan hire holiday in Australia, expect to spend a lot of time driving. Australia is a large continent – and Western Australia is the largest state – so there can often be hours of driving between destinations. We’ve compiled the following tips to help you plan holiday activities around your driving schedule.

  • Plan activity after a long drive. When you’ve spent a long time driving, it’s good to stretch your body and get some fresh air. If you hope to go hiking, surfing or exploring, schedule it for the day after a driving day. It’s a great way to get refreshed and energised before the next drive.
  • Plan time for rest. Every driving holiday should include a few days of nothing! A day without plans offers freedom to explore, build a campfire, enjoy your campervan and just relax.
  • Schedule adequate time for each activity. One of the biggest mistakes people make on their driving holiday is trying to cram too many activities into one day. While it’s tempting to do as much as possible, you’ll enjoy a better holiday if you’re not too rushed. One or two activities in a single day is usually enough.
  • Schedule adequate driving time. In calculating driving distance and time, remember to allow a little extra time. Giving yourself an extra hour to complete a three hour journey gives you time to make stops, take photos, stretch your legs and enjoy a snack or lunch. And if you’re slowed by unexpected traffic delays, you’ll be glad for the buffer of time.

Our best advice is don’t overfill your schedule. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy each day and relax in your campervan.

We invite you to browse the website and give us a call today. We’ll help arrange the perfect camper for your campervan hire holiday in Australia.

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