Family Camping in Western Australia

Take the Family Camping in Western Australia

Whether you’re an International tourist – or a WA local – camping is a fantastic way for a family to see Western Australia.

Why Camping is Good for Families

Camping gives families a lot of quality time together. You get to drive and share family games… and you get to spend time in the great outdoors. Camping gets the kids away from the computer and TV. Whilst a portable DVD player can help make long drives more bearable, it is still nice to be without it for a few days (or even weeks!). Kids will enjoy getting out in the fresh air and using their imaginations to play games. We recommend a treasure hunt as a great bush game for young kids.

What About Young Adults and Teenagers?

If you have a teenager going camping with you, they’re probably resistant to the idea of camping. That’s because teens like to spend a lot of time alone. If you have a young person like this, we recommend letting them bring their MP3 play or iPod. Let them relax in the sunshine – or under a tree – and listen to their favourite music. And whilst we can’t promise the typical teenager will be sociable and family friendly – you might be surprised (as they will be) just how much they enjoy time with Mother Nature.

How Camping Saves Families Money

Camping is extremely low cost compared to other forms of travel. Even after you factor in the cost of the hire vehicle, you still save money. Here’s why:

  • you save money on accommodation. Hiring a vehicle is much lower in cost than hiring a hotel/motel room – especially if you’re traveling as a family group.
  • family camping saves you money on food. Whilst this is not always true – it is usually the case. Our customers tell us that if they stay in a hotel/motel, they’re more likely to dine in restaurants or buy takeaway. On the other hand, when people are out camping, they tend to stock up on the necessary food supplies and eat around a camp fire. Instead of spending $100 a day dining out – you might spend $20 a day for your campfire food. This especially adds up for families with young kids… who are always keen to buy extra lollies and unnecssary toys when getting takeaway. By going camping, you can avoid the shops (and the extra expense) altogether. It’s a great solution.

We hope this article inspires you to take your family camping. It’s affordable. It’s fun. It’s healthy and great for families.

Sound good? Give us a call today and we’ll set you up with a vehicle and camping equipment that suits your needs and budget.

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