Custom Built Family Camper Vans

The Perfect Family Camper Van for Hire

If you’re thinking about taking your family on a driving holiday in Western Australia, you can’t go past our family cruisers. We’re getting great feedback about these custom built family camper vans.
Family CruiserHere’s why people love the vans so much:

  • there’s plenty of room inside for the family.
  • compared to most standard vans, you’ll find comfortable beds that open out quickly open out at night time… and just as easily pack away during the day.
  • there’s a roof mounted DVD player to keep the little ones entertained during those long driving days.
  • the rear of the van is impressively designed  – with a full under-cover kitchen built into the back of the van. (You simply open the rear doors and inside you’ll find drawers, cooktop, gas bottle and even a microwave.)

There’s So Much More to Tell About These Family Cruisers… Give Us a Call Today

If you think the above features sound good, let us reassure you, they are! We invite you to give us a call or email today. We can explain all the great things about these family camper vans… and we’ll make sure you get all the extras you need for a great camping holiday.

Check out the Family Cruiser Custom Family Camper Vans here.

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