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Coral Bay Drive Trip

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Campervan Australia Hire Customers Recommend Coral Bay

We always ask our customers about their favorite places to visit. Time and again people recommend Coral Bay, so we’ve written this blog post to encourage you to include it on your camper hire itinerary.

4 Great Reasons to Include Coral Bay on Your Camper Hire Trip

Coral Bay Western Australia is a beautiful destination for camper hire travelers that want to experience a stunning ocean location. There are many compelling reasons to visit Coral Bay Western Australia on your Campervan Self Drive Holiday – here are just four of them:

  1. Indian Ocean Views: Coral Bay Western Australia gives you stunning and unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean. Coral Bay’s lagoon-like waters are sheltered by the Ningaloo Reef. This makes waters calm and inviting most of the year. Stunning ocean views are everywhere you look. You can also hire a boat – or take a charter tour – to soak up more of the ocean vista.
  2. Reef Wildlife: Coral Bay gives you have easy access to reef and coral. Snorkelling is a must activity. You will find fish, coral and plenty of other wildlife well within your reach. The reef, with an abundance of protected fish and coral, are accessible in the bay… even to small children. The best way to see all of the stunning wildlife that Coral Bay Western Australia has to offer is by way of coral viewing boats. Tours will allow you to see turtle nesting on the local beaches, whale sharks in the bay and a variety of other rich wildlife throughout the area.
  3. Water Sports: If you love the idea of swimming in crystal clear waters, then Coral Bay is the perfect location for you. Whether you go snorkeling along the coral reefs to experience the fish and wildlife first hand, or take a coral boat out to get a birds eye view into deep, clear waters, there are plenty of things to do, see and experience here. There is an abundance of water activities for you to take in at Coral Bay in Western Australia.
  4. Luxury: If you’re looking for something special – a little luxury to spice up your campervan hire trip – Coral Bay has a lot on offer. Between the resort hotel and spacious caravan parks there are numerous opportunities for you to indluge while in the area.

The warmer weather is coming soon. Coral Bay is perfect for enjoying water activities on your campervan hire holiday. Book your holiday today and be sure to include a drive to Coral Bay on your itinerary!

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