Campervan Australia Hire Tips – What to Do on Your Holiday

4WD and Tent

Camping with a Hire 4WD and Tent

When you’re camping in the great outdoors, you’ll often wake earlier and go to sleep later. So if you’re waking very early and going to bed late – how should you fill your day?

The beautiful sounds of nature start early (especially in Summer) and it’s wonderful to wake up to the song of birds and rays of sunlight on your face. The evenings are beautiful too. Watching the Western Australian sunset, gazing upon bright stars or simply chatting with friends around a camp fire.

Here are a few ideas to keep you busy during the day:

Go for a bushwalk – an early morning walk or late even stroll is a great way to soak up the environment. If you decide to bushwalk in the heat of the day, remember to apply sunscreen, wear a shirt and hat and take plenty of water. Always tell someone where you’re going and your expected time of return.

Enjoy your meals – you’ll be surprised how much fun it is to cook and eat outdoors. It’s quite different from being at home and it’s a relaxing way to spend time. We suggest taking your time to cook and eat… enjoy the company of your family and friends. Experiment with different easy-to-cook BBQ foods like grilled vegetables and fish. Outdoor meals can be gourmet too!

Go Swimming – campervan hire gives you the flexibility you need to take your holiday home anywhere. You can camp near the beach, by a River or in a caravan park with a swimming pool. We suggest that a Western Australian holiday is always better where there’s water… so take the plunge and wade into the refreshing waters of the ocean or a therapeautic River. For safety, always stay with a friend and check the depth of water before you go in.

Go Fishing – a natural accompaniment to swimming, fishing is a great way to relax and have fun. Many areas will require you to hold a recreational fishing license. These are relatively inexpensive, but be sure to check out the requirements before you fish.

Go Sight-seeing and Visit Tourist Attractions – Western Australia is brimming with things to do and see. Museums, local arts and crafts, wineries, parks and more. When you arrive in a new town, make the local tourist bureau your first stop. Gather as much information as you can and be sure to check out 2 or 3 tourist attractions in the area.

There’s so much to do on a Campervan hire holiday – this list is just the tip of the iceberg. At our offices, we’ll give you personal tips and advice. Browse through our vehicles now and request a quote – or feel free to just give us a call. We’re here to help you enjoy the best camping holiday with Campervan Australia Hire. Remember – have fun!

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