Camping in Western Australia – Camp Fire Tips

When camping in Western Australia, one of the things people love to do is build a camp fire. Here are a few camp fire tips for happy camping:

  1. Respect Fire Bans – during Western Australia’s summer months, campers are asked not to light fires. The summer dry heat is the perfect environment for a devastating fire to take hold. It’s important that all campers refrain from lighting fires during this time. You’ll see clearly marked signs in all camping areas stating whether or not you can light a fire.
  2. Re-use Fire Circles – if you see a circle of rocks that has been used by other campers to light a fire, re-use the same circle. This limits mess and charcoal to a small area and also makes it easier for you to light a successful fire.
  3. Collect Dry Firewood – very dry wood is the best kind of wood to light a fire. If you use green wood, your fire will produce excessive smoke which may cause discomfort. You can collect wood during your day’s travels or, if you’re staying in a caravan park, you can usually buy a bag of wood from reception.
  4. Completely Extinguish your fire – for safety’s sake, it’s extremely important to fully extinguish your fire and embers before leaving the campsite. Never leave glowing embers unattended.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these camp fire tips. If you’ve been camping in Western Australia (or anywhere else for that matter!) and you’d like to add your own camp fire tips, please contact us using the form on this website and we’ll add your tip to this website.

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