Camping Holiday in Western Australia

Camping Holiday – What A Great Idea!

Did you know that you can hire a car from us and all camping gear is supplied free? We’ve named this package deal “Drive n Camp” and it’s proving very popular! We have a comprehensive camping gear “kit” that will be given to you when you rent our car. That means you get the gas stove, pots, pans and cooking essentials. You also get a cool box to keep your food fresh and cold.

Easy Sleeping

The car seats up to 5 people… and the depending on your exact number of passengers, we’ll supply tent(s) that will give you the most comfortable sleeping arrangement. PLUS you get all the pillows, linen and sleeping bags you need. There’s even an outdoor shower to freshen up after each day’s holiday camping and adventuring!

Easy Driving

Because this setup is a standard vehicle, no special driver’s license is required and the insurance excess is very reasonable. You’ll also be able to easily drive to Western Australia’s most popular tourist spots… as well as get quick access to busy city areas when you need to. The cars are super comfortable and well maintained. We love to tell you our vehicles are in better condition than our competitors’ cars – not to boast – but just so YOU feel good that you’re getting the best.

If an easy and relaxed camping holiday is exactly what you need, call today. We’ve got the perfect setup for you!

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