Campervan Hire with Toilet

New Sprinter VanHire a Campervan with Onboard Toilet

You’ll notice that some of our campervans for hire include an on board toilet. If you’ve ever wondered how these work, it’s quite simple. There’s nothing dirty or disgusting about using them. The key to these hygenic toilet is the special cartridge. The cartridge, which holds the waste, is easily and quickly removed for convenient disposal. There are waste dump points at many caravan parks and tourist locations around Australia.

Campervan Hire with an on board toilet gives you extra freedom…

There are numerous free and cheap camp sites around Western Australia. Many of these places have limited or no facilities. For example, you might find there is an “outback dunny” (that is a makeshift toilet – essentially a hole in the ground with a privacy shed around it). There might also be garbage cans and tent clearing areas. Other than that, you won’t find power, water, showers or toilets.

That’s why our campervan hire with toilet (and even shower in deluxe models) is so great. It really gives you the freedom to camp absolutely anywhere.

Sounds good doesn’t it? If you’d like to join the ‘freedom camping’ trend and pitch your tent/campervan anywhere you like, give us a call today. We’ve got the perfect campervan hire for you – including onboard toilet and shower for complete holiday convenience.

Book your campervan hire with onboard toilet today!

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