Campervan Hire Prices

Welcome travelers!

You may be wondering what our exact vehicle hire prices are. Our camper hire prices start from $60/day, with some vans averaging $110/day and other camper setups costing $145/day. Why such a large price range, you ask? Here’s why:

* we tailor-make the BEST quote for you… that means we’ll consider where you’re traveling, how long (no. of days) you’ll be hiring, what extra equipment you’ll need, pick-up and drop-off locations and more.

* our prices are excellent and we’re here to give you a great experience… as a local, family-owned business, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the help and advice they need when setting out on their camping/driving adventure in Western Australia. Where other companies might cancel your bookings (in favour of a more lucrative customer) – or give you a “number” and bundle you in with their crowd – we treat you as individual customers with specific holiday needs. You’re not a number to us. We’re grateful for your business and we’d love to know you’ve had a great holiday in one of OUR campers.

So, please, pick up the phone… or use these easy booking form on this site, and talk to us today.

Talk soon!

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