Campervan Hire Holiday Tips – Schedule Your Activities

When planning your campervan hire holiday in Australia, expect to spend a lot of time driving. Australia is a large continent – and Western Australia is the largest state – so there can often be hours of driving between destinations. We’ve compiled the following tips to help you plan holiday activities around your driving schedule.

  • Plan activity after a long drive. When you’ve spent a long time driving, it’s good to stretch your body and get some fresh air. If you hope to go hiking, surfing or exploring, schedule it for the day after a driving day. It’s a great way to get refreshed and energised before the next drive.
  • Plan time for rest. Every driving holiday should include a few days of nothing! A day without plans offers freedom to explore, build a campfire, enjoy your campervan and just relax.
  • Schedule adequate time for each activity. One of the biggest mistakes people make on their driving holiday is trying to cram too many activities into one day. While it’s tempting to do as much as possible, you’ll enjoy a better holiday if you’re not too rushed. One or two activities in a single day is usually enough.
  • Schedule adequate driving time. In calculating driving distance and time, remember to allow a little extra time. Giving yourself an extra hour to complete a three hour journey gives you time to make stops, take photos, stretch your legs and enjoy a snack or lunch. And if you’re slowed by unexpected traffic delays, you’ll be glad for the buffer of time.

Our best advice is don’t overfill your schedule. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy each day and relax in your campervan.

We invite you to browse the website and give us a call today. We’ll help arrange the perfect camper for your campervan hire holiday in Australia.

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