Frequently Asked Questions – What You Need to Know

Frequent Questions and Answers

Q1. Where is best to camp at night?
A1. Always best to use a recognised campsite. These are of good quality with communal barbeque area’s, kitchens, laundry, power and water supplies, some even have a swimming pool. There are some free sites around Wa, just ask. It really isn’t a good idea to camp just anywhere, for one, the rangers will move you on and secondly, you are on holiday, be safe.

Q2. How long does the auxiliary battery last?
A2. The auxiliary battery which powers the rear of the van needs to be kept charged. We have fitted voltage indicators on all of our vans now for easy monitoring. Rule of thumb says if not plugged into mains and you have the fridge running and a few lights on the battery will last the night. You then need to either plug in or drive to recharge. Remember, this is the battery for the rear, it will not affect your engine starting.

Q3. When I hire a vehicle what do I get inside?
A3. At Campaboutoz we try and include everything in the rental price, from linen to outdoor table and chairs, even a side awning. Look at the vehicle details on site for more information.

Q4. Is my normal driving license ok?
A4. For all of our vehicles a normal driving licence is fine. If your licence is in a foreign language, get an international licence, this is inexpensive and saves time.

Q5. Where can I go in the vehicle?
A5. Campaboutoz is a West coast company and whilst we will allow vehicles to travel pretty much anywhere on the mainland, please tell us if you intend to travel crazy distances. The main thing to remember is 2 wd vehicles must stay on sealed roads, to travel off the beaten track you need to pay more money and hire one of our 4 wd vehicles.

Q6. Do I have to pay a large bond is there an alternative to this?
A6. Our standard excess/bond is $3500. If you choose not to reduce this we will take this amount at the point of hire and return it at the end. If you reduce this amount to our minimum $500 excess, we will take a total bond of $1000 again, to be returned at the end of the rental.

Q7. Do you charge a cancellation fee?
A7. Yes please refer to our Terms and conditions.

Q8. What happens if I breakdown?
A8. In the unfortunate and rare occasion that you might have a fault on the van, all our vehicles are covered by the Rac and you will be supplied their contact details at handover.

Q9. How do I extend my hire?
A9. To extend the hire just ring us and as long as the van has not already been booked, you can just pay for the extra days.

Q10. Can we get collected from the airport?
A10. Normally we are happy to collect our customers from the airport but this is a free service and sometimes we may be too busy and you will have to take a taxi.

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