Camper Van Hire – Internal vs External Campervan Kitchens

All of our camper vans for hire boast excellent onboard kitchens. You’ll notice some camper van hire kitchens are inside the van and some are outside. Let’s discuss them here:

Camper Vans with External Kitchens

Our Hilux 4×4 and Family Cruiser vans have onboard kitchens that are accessed from the outside. The family cruiser has a rear mounted kitchen under the back door. The door opens up to form a shelter above the kitchen. The Hilux 4×4 has an external kitchen access from the side of the vehicle. This kitchen also has shelter in the form of an awning. Many people prefer the external kitchens because it allows cooking and eating in the great outdoors… all part of a great camping experience. You also enjoy more room to move than cooking inside the van.

Campervans for Hire with Internal Kitchens

Most of our other vehicles come fitted with kitchens (including microwave, fridge/freezer, gas stove, etc.) built in to the inside of the van. Whilst it mind sound impossible to fit it all in, you’ll be surprised just how roomy our vans are! Thanks to clever design, we’re able to include full features in the kitchen. That means it’s easy to cook despite the small space inside the van.

When you book your camper van hire, think about the kind of kitchen you’ll prefer. Perhaps it will depend on the number of people you’re cooking for, what you plan to cook and what the weather is expected to be. If you’re unsure, we’re here to answer your questions. Call us today to book your camper van hire.

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