Camper Hire Tips – Campfire Cooking Ideas

NOTE: Our campervan hire vans come fully equipped
with a kitchenette and all the cooking utensils
you need! That said, we're sure you'll still
enjoy these campfire cooking ideas!

Cooking food over a campfire is part of the fun of enjoying the outdoors. There’s nothing quite like sitting outside, under the stars, enjoying the company of family and good friends, good conversation, and good food.  You can cook on a campfire without using traditional cookware.

Campfire Cooking Over Coals

One idea for cooking on your campfire is to try a few foods you can cook directly on the coals. If you’re going to try this, it’s best to use hardwood coals.

  • Toast. You can make toast directly on the coals; just turn halfway through, until it’s as dark as you like; delicious when you then add butter or even cinnamon and sugar.
  • Ash cakes. You can also make ash cakes by mixing up a biscuit dough, forming the dough into small cakes, and flip them halfway through. The toast and ash cakes are all delicious when topped with butter, jam, or honey.
  • Woodfire meat. For a true outdoorsy taste, you can cook hot dogs, steak, or fish on the coals.

Campfire Cooking – Hot Rock

Another cooking option is to cook foods directly on a rock. Find a flat rock that is under two inches thick so the heat from the fire or coals will be able to heat the rock enough for cooking. The trick for How to cook on a campfire with a rock is to find one that is completely dry. Don’t use a rock that you’ve found underwater! WARNING: moisture in the rock could cause it to explode when it’s on the fire.

Heat the rock slowly over the coals, turning it every so often so that one side doesn’t get too hot and cause the rock to break. Once it’s hot enough, you can either cook directly on the rock or put tin foil over the rock first.

Improvising Pots and Pans!

An empty coffee can makes a very simple piece of all-in-one camping cookware, and you can cook an entire meal inside it if you find can large enough. Layer your food items inside. We’re told you can cook an entire meal this way, such as burgers or chicken, plus vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, mushrooms,  and onions. Top the can with tin foil, and put the can directly on the hot coals. Then, add a few hot coals on top of the tin foil. Allow it to cook for 30 to 45 minutes. That’s it! An easy way to cook an entire meal, hot and full of flavor.

Of course, if you book campervan hire, your van will come fully equipped with a kitchenette and all the cooking utensils you need! That said, many of our customers love to light a fire and toast marshmallows at night.

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