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Camper Hire AustraliaCamper Hire Australia – Tips for Our Customers

Camper Hire Australia is the perfect choice when you’re wanting to reduce the overall accommodation expense of your holiday, whilst still enjoying a fun and fulfilling holiday experience.

When arranging your camper hire, it’s important to realize there’s a wide variety of camper vans, camper trailers and motor homes available. That means you should do a bit of research and preparation to ensure you organize the right camper van to your needs.

Holiday Budget vs. Camper Hire Luxury Features

Many times you will need to balance your holiday budget with desired camper options. For example, a luxury camper van fully equipped with shower and on-board toilet is more expensive, but you might feel more comfortable traveling with the extra creature comforts and it will still be cheaper than hotel/motel accommodation. On the other hand, you might prefer a hire vehicle with less features because they are more affordable. In either case, most camping hire vehicles are equipped with kitchen/cooking area, tent, sleeping blankets, cooking utensils, etc. Browse this website and ask for a quote… with a bit of research and planning, you’ll find the best camper for your budget.

Vehicle Height and Interior Space

This is something many customers often don’t consider when arranging their camper hire Australia, but it can make a significant to your overall holiday comfort. This importance of height and space is a matter of opinion. Some people don’t mind a small space, especially because a holiday is usually only a few days or weeks in duration, making the situation more tolerable. Other travelers feel claustrophobic in tight spaces and it’s extremely important to get a van with at least enough room to stand. Hi-top camper vans and larger vehicles give you standing room as well as space to move around with comfort. Regular height vans may require you to hunch over and you might feel squashed if more than two people are sitting/eating/relaxing inside the van at one time.

Supplied Equipment vs Optional Extras

Be sure to check with your camper hire company whether camping gear is supplied. Some companies will supply all the extra camping gear you need – including sleeping blankets and pillows, cutlery, cooking utensils, gas bottles, camping tents and more. Other companies will expect you to pay extra for each item you choose to add to your hire. To avoid paying too much – or discovering too late that you’re stuck without expected essentials – make sure you discuss your camping needs with your camper hire company to make sure the equipment you need is included in your hire agreement.

Camper hire Australia makes holidays more affordable and more comfortable. You’ll also enjoy getting away from city areas and being able to set up camp in a quiet place where you can relax. With a fully equipped camper van, you can overnight wherever you please, so long as it’s a legal camping area.

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