The Bungle Bungles – 4WD Hire Recommended Destination

Bungle Bungles 4WD Hire

4WD Hire Ultimate Bungle Bungles ExperienceHiking through the Bungle Bungles
by David Busch Aus

Our 4WD hire is a fantastic way to see the Bungle Bungles. You can take your four-wheel-drive vehicle and drive right in.

You’ll be able to access areas that others can’t… and secure some very nice camping spots.

About the Bungle Bungles

People have traveled from all over the world just to take a hike through the Bungle Bungle’s beehive-like limestone formations. It is hard to believe that these unusual tiger stripes are made from algae that grows and penetrates the pores of the honeycombed rock. The stunning red/orange color is built up from a combination of manganese and iron where they stain the rock.

Historically, the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia was where the Aboriginal people lived during the wet season, where there was a lot of wild life and plant life to sustain them. Almost no one knew about this place until the middle of the 1980s. In 1987 it was named a national park and in 2003 it gained world wide recognition when it was inscribed into the World Heritage List.

Bungle Bungles 4WD Hire Experience

For our International customers wanting to experience the Outback – or even Aussies who have never really been off road – we recommend a 4wd hire drive out to the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia. The Bungle Bungles is now world renowned and many tourists make a point of seeing this beautiful place on their West Australian holiday. As our customers often tell us… you will not be disappointed.

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