Seasonal Tips for your Australian Driving Holiday

Australia is a large continent with a wide variety of climates. Hot, tropical locations in the North and cool wine growing regions in the South, offer great choice and variety for your holiday. This article contains essential tips for making the most of Aussie weather and seasons on your Australian driving holiday.

Follow the Best Weather

Some people love the heat, while others prefer the cold. Depending on your preference, you can follow the most inviting weather by choosing your destinations carefully.

Northern areas of Australia offer warm, balmy weather even during Winter months. Broome and Coral Bay in Western Australia for example, are often preferred by our campervan rental customers during Winter months.

Surprisingly, cooler Southern regions are equally popular during Winter months – especially for people who prefer cool weather and a relaxed holiday of sight-seeing and wine tasting.

Seasonal Warnings

  • The Aussie outback – including central Australia, Alice Springs – can be unbearably hot for tourists coming from colder climates.
  • Avoid camping on the beach during Winter months. Not only will it be cold, it can also be windy and rainy.
  • Watch out for Jellyfish swarms in tropical areas and around warm beaches. If in doubt, ask the locals – or the area’s tourist bureau – whether it’s safe to swim.

Are you ready to plan your Driving Holiday in Australia? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to speak to you about activities and destinations recommended for the season you’re traveling.

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