Australian Campervan Hire Tips

Australian Campervan HireCampervan hire is an affordable, fun way to travel Australia. Our customers often say the experience is addictive… and they can’t wait to book their next holiday! Although we can’t say hiring a campervan is ‘cheap’, we can say that it is an affordable holiday option. You will certainly get more ‘bang for your buck’ than staying in hotels and finding fixed accommodation during your trip. To help you get more value from your campervan hire, follow these tips:

  • Flexible meals. A mistake people often make is planning their meal times too strictly. Some people plan to cook all meals themselves. Others plan to dine out every night. Cooking all meals yourself can be tiring, especially if you’re always in and out of the grocery store for ingredients. On the other hand, dining out can be expensive… and it can detract from the outdoor holiday experience. We recommend mixing up your dining options. Our vans provide all the facilities you need to cook and clean, so cook for yourself as much as you can but DO give yourself a break and eat out a couple of times a week.
  • Make the most camp area activities. Nearly all Australian holiday parks have dedicated spots for people who are hiring a campervan. You will be able to plug your van into mains power and recharge your equipment. You’ll also enjoy a variety of activities available to camp area guests. These facilities may include a swimming pool or tennis court. If you stay in a remote bush camp area, you will no doubt find a walking trail nearby. There are plenty of activities you can do without needing to visit expensive tourist attractions, so make the most of them. You’ll save money and benefit from a more relaxing holiday.

Campervan hire gives you an extremely flexible holiday. If you find a place you love, you’re free to stay a little while longer. We hope you’ve enjoyed these Australian campervan hire tips. You’ll enjoy the freedom that comes from having no fixed schedule of accommodation.

Are you ready to join our growing list of happy customers? Simply give us a call to talk about your Australian campervan hire options. Or use the easy form on this website. We’d love to hear your ideas and make your driving holiday dreams come true.

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