Australia 4WD Hire – Perth to Broome 7 Day Itinerary

Broome Western Australia 4WD Hire

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It’s May – the last month of Autumn/Fall in Australia. So with Winter fast approaching, where’s the best destination for a self-drive holiday? North of course! Our Australia 4WD Hire is a great way to get there!

Australia 4WD Hire – North from Perth to Broome

North Western Australia continues to offer iconic warm weather and sunny days, even in the middle of Winter. In fact, Broome will often experience a series of blissfully hot days with temperatures as high as 29/30 degrees Celsius during these months. This is perfect for our overseas guests seeking a summer holiday.

Continuing from our last post, we’re highlighting Itineraries from The Website You’ll discover well thought out Itineraries, a great place to start your journey planning. One of their featured journeys in the Broome Getaway – suggested 7 days. While we think 7 days is too ambitious, we think it’s a fantastic holiday and suggest you allow extra time, especially on the to- and from- legs of the trip.

4WD Hire Perth to Broome – 7 Day Trip for Campervans or 4WDs's Broome Getaway Itinerary

Duration: 7 days (NOTE – We suggest adding a few extra days to allow
plenty of driving time to and from Broome.)
Click here to check out the details of this trip. It's full of
warm-weather fun, including swimming at Cable beach, and sight-seeing,
to bird watching.

Of course, if you hire one of our 4WD campers, you'll have even more
fun, being able to explore off-road bush tracks

Many of our customers have taken the Perth-to-Broome trip. They agree
the biggest advantages are the dollar savings and freedom to go anywhere.
You won’t have to pay excessive accommodation costs and you can even camp for free in appropriately marked places.

Book Your Australia 4WD Hire for Perth to Broome Trips

You can book either a 4WD hire or campervan hire for this journey. Of course, a campervan is best if you want to stick to sealed roads and increase your level of comfort; however, the North-west has many off-road tourist destinations, so you might want to consider a 4WD.

Perth to Broome is a highly recommended journey. Please call our office today and let’s discuss your plans together. We can make sure you get the perfect hire vehicle to suit your plans and budget. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  1. I’m considering a perth to broome 10 day trip in a toyota hiace family 5 seat cruiser then pickup for a jayco eagle camper + 4wd to darwin with a 3 wk stay and same return the last month of the dry season 2013 . What hire exppenses would I need to budget for please quote. Thanku

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