Affordable Campervan Hire in Perth Western Australia

Affordable Campervan Hire Perth

So you’re planning a camping holiday in Western Australia? No doubt you’re looking for the best deals you can find… especially when it comes to one of the biggest expenses – your accomodation.

Why Hiring a Camper Saves Money

When you think of the amount of money you’ll save on hotel/motel accomodation, hiring a camper really is cost-effective and our affordable campervan hire makes your holiday enjoyable. You are also less likely to splurge on restaurants and takeaway… and more likely to sit around a campfire in the great outdoors.

Vary Your Insurance Excess to Reduce Costs

Did you know that we allow you to choose the level of insurance excess – and this can reduce your cost? For example, if you choose the mid-range excess option, you’ll pay the a mid-range rate, but if you choose a higher excess, you can pay a cheaper hire rate.

Explaining ‘Excess’ in More Detail

By now you see choosing the higher excess option results in a cheaper daily hire rate. Of course, in the event of an accident where an insurance claim is made, you will need to pay the higher excess. If this worries you, you can reduce the possible excess by paying a higher daily rental rate.

How to Choose the Right Excess

Really this is up to you and your budget. Accidents – whilst highly unlikely – do happen. In an ideal world, you will make sure you have sufficient resources to cover an excess payment should the unfortunate incident happen… and then custom-make your excess options so you pay the lowest possible daily rate.

Why We’re Affordable

If you’re currently researching for affordable campervan hire in Perth, Broome or Darwin, you might notice some quotes come in to you at a lower price than ours – but if you look closely you’ll see that their excess is MUCH higher than we’re asking… and also you don’t get the added extras that we include.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. We’d love to see you enjoy your holiday and hope that our super affordable campervan hire options entice you. Call us today!

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