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4WD Rooftop Camper Hire - Off the Beaten Track

4WD Rooftop Camper Hire - Off the Beaten Track

Check out this photo of one of our hire campers – a 4WD rooftop camper. This photo was sent in by a happy holiday maker enjoying the great outdoors. If you’d like to escape to secluded areas like this, 4WD hire is a great way to get off the beaten track. And the rooftop tent makes camping even better.

Benefits of Traveling Light

Rooftop campers are super portable and always ready to go. There’s no need to tow a trailer or caravan, so you don’t have to worry about vehicle access. You are free to travel wherever your 4WD will go!

Easy Setup-up and Pack-down.

Nobody wants to spend hours setting up tents, especially after a busy day of activity.  The rooftop camper tent simply folds down and you’re ready. The pack-down process is just as easy, making your mornings easy. You can set off early on your adventures, making the most of every day.

High and Dry

Sleeping high-and-dry is exactly what you want when you’re camping! Less worry about ants, bugs and creepy crawlies. Being off ground, there’s also less sand and dirt in your tent and, therefore, less clean up. Our customers also appreciate the dry tent floor.

Level Sleeping Surface

It’s always difficult to find a smooth area for setting up ground tents. With rooftop camper hire, you don’t have to worry about slopes, sticks or stones ruining your holiday sleep.

Hire a Rooftop Camper

If you like today’s photo and you’re keep to hire a rooftop camper, give us a call today or use the easy booking forms on this website. (Sorry these are no longer available for hire.) Remember, if you’re traveling in a group, you can add a camper trailer to your hire for the ultimate sleeping space and camping gear setup.

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